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 Good food comes from your own hands.


In 2011, I earned my Bachelors in Humanities from the University of South Florida’s Honors College. This education prepared me for a life of research regarding the food we eat and how it changes the definition of our human experience. 


Lectures for home preservation and gardening last two hours in length. 

  • Introduction to Vegetable Gardening 

  • Introduction to Preservation Methods

  • Introduction to Home Canning 

  • Introduction to Vegetable Fermentation 

Private Lessons: One on one food preservation lessons. Content of each lesson is designed to cater to the students individual interests. Topics include water bath canning, pressure canning, and home fermentation.

Hands on Classes:

Introduction Series - this four part series covers all aspects of home canning. 

Introduction to Water Bath Canning - this class focuses on the specifics of operating a water bath canner and the types of recipes that can be safely processed by the boiling water method. 

Introduction to Pressure Canning - this class focuses on the specifics of operating a pressure canner. 

Recipe Based Classes - recipe based classes are canning classes that follow a specific recipe of interest. 


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